Live Performing

With years of experience both touring Northern America and serving as the house drummer at a jazz lounge in Charleston, SC, Josh specializes in playing jazz, rock, orchestral, Afro-Cuban, Brazilian, and other styles. He frequently plays with various big bands, orchestral groups, and Grammy award winning artists in the southeast region.

Profile view of three musicians playing seated on stage, a pianist in the foreground, a guitarist, and a drummer in the background.
Band plays on a stage in colorful blue and purple lighting, four musicians playing various instruments on risers surrounding a drummer in the center.


Josh collaborates with bands, songwriters, and producers to provide studio-quality drum and percussion tracks, either from his home recording studio or on-site. Get in touch to discuss your project's needs.

Private Lessons

Well-versed in all areas of the percussion world, Josh is a highly sought after teacher in both orchestral and drum set playing. He takes pride in providing students with the knowledge and resources to improve their skills, have a better understanding of music, and understand what it means to play “musically."

Man in dark suit sits at a drum set, drumsticks in hand, looking to a sheet stand of music on his left in concentration.

Work with Josh

Josh Hoover is a drummer, percussionist, and educator living in Charleston, South Carolina. He studied with Steve Houghton, Michael Spiro, and Kevin Bobo at Indiana University's Jacobs School of Music and now works with a diverse range of artists in the southeast region.

He has performed in a wide variety of settings and is comfortable in any musical atmosphere. Get in touch now to talk about working together on your next project.